Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Step Up 4 Movie

Step Up 4 MovieStep Up 3 received mixed reviews from movie critics. It may not contain believable acting or a memorable plot, but Step Up 3D does deliver solid choreography and stunning visuals. So the film performing rather well in theaters. It's mid-august and the film has already recouped its $30-million budget. And I guess it won't stop here, and if we take into account additional revenues from music, merchandising, and DVD and BluRay releases later on, the film will turn out to be quite profitable for the studios.

So we may fairly assume that there's going to be a new Step Up movie. There's no official plan yet, but for sure the studios are probably already thinking about doing Step Up 4. There has been a Step Up movie every two years since the first one, so Step Up 4 will probably get released in 2012.

I wonder what's going to be the official title of Step Up 4, are they going to use the obvious Step Up Forever (Step Up 4 Ever!) or will they come up with something more creative?

What about the plot of Step Up 4? Should it be a direct sequel to Step Up 3? Or should the movie Step Up 4 introduce a new dance crew? Should they keep Adam Sevani who plays the role of Moose in Step Up 4?

For my part I'd like Step Up 4 to focus on a world competition of street dance opposing a crew trained in America to the best international street dancers, that would be awesome I think. What do you think? Post your suggestions for Step Up 4 below, if lucky the scriptwriters may read this page and your ideas could be picked up for the next film.